Shapeshifter Yoga

Shapeshifter Yoga

The Shapeshifter Body Redesign Program is a downloadable bodyweight training program that integrates equipment-free workouts, diet advice, and other lifestyle factors into a six week body transformation program. This product review will cover the pros, cons, and help you figure out if it’s right for you.

Shapeshifter will help you lose weight and build muscle to reshape your physique using workouts that can be performed anywhere, but this is much more than just a new workout routine. Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock are known as the bodyweight coaches in online fitness circles, and they’ve compiled all of their combined experience to produce an effective body transformation system. The three main components of the Shapeshifter program are: bodyweight workouts, diet and nutrition techniques, and other lifestyle strategies. When combined together, these three elements create a powerful force to transform your body in only six weeks.

If you’ve dieted in the past without training, you’ll probably notice a big difference in your results once you implement all three of these elements together. This is exactly what the bodyweight coaches meant to accomplish with their Shapeshifter program.

When you purchase Shapeshifter, you’ll receive exercise videos and PDF manuals, warmup and cooldown videos, workout tips, along with simple diet and lifestyle coaching via articles and videos, and much more.

One of the finest aspects of the Shapeshifter Program is that it’s action-oriented, which is extremely important with a product like this – where lifestyle change requires massive action-taking in order to succeed. The Shapeshifter system was developed to take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do to follow the program – every single day. Everything is outlined for you in advance so that nobody has an excuse not to succeed. These are focused action-items that will help kick-start your progress and get you on the right track to achieving your physique goals. It doesn’t get any simpler than this to follow a body transformation program.

One of the other major advantages that this program offers is that no exercise equipment is required. You can do the workouts anywhere and anytime – whether at the gym, at home, or anywhere else you can find a little floor space. On top of that, most of the workouts can be finished in 20-30 minutes, making them very flexible for those with busy schedules.

The main thing that makes this workout program different from others is its holistic approach. There are six different training methods included in the exercise program: cardioflow, afterburners, neuroboost sessions, three dimensional strength training, Shapeshifter stack, and Shapeshifter regen. This goes well beyond your traditional strength training and cardio routine. This program hits body transformation from several different angles, and even includes specific strategies to speed up your recovery between training sessions.

This program was designed with the beginner in mind. You don’t need to be familiar with working out, dieting, or anything else related to them to start the Shapeshifter Program. Instead, you’re encouraged to follow the program exactly as outlined and trust the system to work in-and-of-itself.

Regarding overall product quality and professionalism, this product is superb, especially compared to competing programs. Shapeshifter is a high-value product because it delivers a complete body transformation system for less than the cost of a couple personal training sessions. When you take into account everything that comes with the package, they could easily charge hundreds of dollars for this. So, if you’re looking for value, then this is definitely a contender.

Now, a product review wouldn’t be fair if it didn’t mention some of the product-related cons. Overall, there aren’t many disadvantages, but there are a few things you should know before you buy. Some of the product content isn’t actually from the authors, but rather guest contributions in the form of articles and videos. Also, some of the diet advice is controversial in a few nutrition circles. There are a few sections of the instructions that are vague, too. As can be expected, there were also some bugs and typos with the resources and software, but nothing major.

As you can see, these minor issues don’t overshadow the true value of the program itself. What matters most is that the program fulfills its claims. This will truly help you transform your body over the course of 6 weeks if you’re willing to put in the effort and do the work.

If you are the type of person who is ready and willing to work hard to shed unwanted fat and build some lean muscle, and you want to be taken by the hand and shown exactly what to do every day, then you will be well-served by the Shapeshifter Program. This is the perfect workout program for beginners and especially for people who have been on a diet or training program before, but failed. That said, almost anyone with an interest in physical fitness and body transformation would benefit from this program – not just beginners.

Upon first glance, it’s obvious that an immense amount of time, thought, and effort went into the development and creation of this system. With everything that is included in the complete package, the low price makes it an incredible value for your dollar. If you’re ready to finally reshape your body, and you want to get started today, then learn more at the link below:

Shapeshifter Yoga


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