I’ve been a devotee of Yoga for more than four years. It has helped me tremendously in various ways:

  • weight loss
  • stress
  • neck tension
  • overall feeling of better health

I highly recommend that anyone and everyone take up the practice. You will not be sorry.

To that end, here are various Yoga products/services that I feel are worthy of recommendation. The link on the left will take you to a page where more information is provided; the link on the right will take you directly to the product page.

And finally, one of the first yoga resources I came into contact with – the site that turned me on to yoga so much that I became a member. I highly recommend for anyone interested in dipping their toe in the water, so to speak. Their 20 minute classes are free and can also be found in the iTunes podcast section. The classes also come with printable pose guides to help you follow along (eventually, though, you will become so familiar with the practice that you won’t need the guides).


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