Based on personal experience, I’m a strong proponent of learning a foreign language – Spanish, in particular. Currently, I’m in the process of trying to become fluent in Spanish (my Spanish category entries go into more detail about my reasons – beginning with 20 years late to the game).

Why learn Spanish? Well, there are several reasons, but I’ll list just a few:

  • Spanish is the second-most used language in communication worldwide
  • Spanish is the primary language in nearly 30 countries across the globe
  • In the US and Canada, Spanish is the most popular language to learn
  • Many of us know several Spanish-speaking individuals in our personal lives and it is a wonderful way to expand our horizons by learning how to communitcate with them in their mother tongue

There are several great programs you can choose from to help you on your way to acquiring Spanish as a second language. Below, I list a few I have found. The link on the left will take you to a page where more information is provided; the link on the right will take you directly to the product page.

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