The Survivor – by Gregg Hurwitz

Before I acquired an ARC of The Survivor on NetGalley, I’d never heard of Gregg Hurwitz. But this book has turned me into a fan and now I look forward to seeking out his other works.

The premise of The Survivor┬áthis story is similar to those in which the catalyst for events is that the protagonist was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And yet it’s different in that he’s saddled with various issues in his personal life that complicate matters after he’s caught up in a bank robbery and takes action against the masked men who are raiding the vault.

I don’t want to spoil things by going into depth about the plot but the way certain people evolved throughout the novel was extremely well done. And the characters were convincingly real to me – to the point that I battled tears several times throughout. This isn’t something that happens to me often.

Highly recommended.

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