Suspect – by Michael Robotham (Joseph O’Loughlin #1)

Suspect is the second Michael Robotham book I’ve read (or, in this case, listened to) – the first one was an advance copy of The Wreckage, where the character of Joseph O’Loughlin played a minor part. It took me getting nearly halfway into Suspect to realize that the main character in The Wreckage played a major role in this book (Detective Ruiz). It felt strange to see him in a semi-antagonist position here.

Something did stand out that I didn’t appreciate. It was a one-sentence thought expressed by the protagonist that seemed to serve no purpose but to provide the author with an outlet for political snark. Kind of bugs me when writers do that … and depending on the frequency with which they do it, it can sometimes taint my appreciation of their work. Fortunately, in this case it wasn’t enough – but it did stick out.

But all in all, this was such a great read and suspenseful much of the time – not necessarily edge-of-your-seat suspense, rather the noose-tightening-around-the-main-character type of thing. Dread, if you will. Especially once you realized that he was looking pretty darn guilty and you could see how some mistakes he made would present him in an even worse light.

While I enjoyed both of Robotham’s books I’ve read so far, the characters in Suspect felt like they had more depth than in The Wreckage, which is strange because this one came first. However, that might have been because I listened to the audiobook of this one, whereas I read the other. That can sometimes make a difference – certainly so when the narrator is as good as this one one.


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