Neonatal circumcision

Circumcision. Specifically, infant circumcision … this is a ‘sensitive’ topic for some people, but the fact is that most people have no clue just how harmful and traumatic circumcision is for a baby. Nor do they understand the importance and function of foreskin.

Circumcision always involves some form of ripping, cutting, and clamping. It’s *extremely* painful, does all sorts of crazy things to the child’s stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure, limbic system – and babies often go into shock. Many parents think their child ‘slept through’ the procedure, but unless the child was completely put to sleep (which doctors don’t usually do for a circ – and most of the time they don’t provide *any* analgesic), the child is not sleeping, he’s in shock.

Some more videos of circumcision in America:

The Surgery: Infant Circumcision

Same video as above, except in reverse camera angle and a bit longer.

Neonatal Circumcision

Infant Circumcision Operation (shorter version of Neonatal Circumcision video above)

Plastibell Circumcision

Circumcision trauma (this video goes into detail about the trauma associated with neonatal circumcision)

Circumcision can and has killed babies. It happens more than you might realize. Numbers are hard to pin down but estimations range from 100+ deaths per year to 400 or 500. Deaths caused by circ are often attributed to something else such as blood loss or heart attack – which ultimately hides the true cause. Also, sometimes circs are botched so badly that further surgery is required. And *all* circs involve permanent damage to the child’s penis because he will be forever denied the full functionality of his genitalia, as nature intended.

Here’s a story (link appears to be dead now) about the number of botched circs one particular medical practice in Richmond, VA has to tend to – more than 1600 ‘fixes’ that have to be done over the course of three years. And that’s just ONE city – and ONE medical practice.

For those who think a man will ‘need’ a circumcision later in life, a study in Finland found that the rate of medically necessary circumcision is just under 0.006%. And complication rates from circ are much, much higher than this, so statistically it’s better to leave the child alone.

DOCTORS OPPOSING CIRCUMCISION: This Genital Integrity Policy Statement by Doctors Opposing Circumcision is quite comprehensive; please take the time to look through the information. It should be required reading for all medical students and parents.

Final thoughts: Some parents cut their baby boys for religious purposes, but cutting a child for that reason ultimately deprives him of his OWN religious freedom. Just another aspect to consider along with everything else.

All of this — the risks, complications, pain, damage, denial of religious freedom … all for a genital surgery that is not medically necessary, except in rare cases. No medical organization in the world recommends the routine cutting of infants, and there’s a darn good reason for that.

And of course, given the fact that the irreversible damage rate of all infant circs is 100%, RIC is a practice that needs to be obliterated in our society. Let the man decide for himself if this permanent physical alteration is what he wants to do.

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