Library Thing is the place to go for winning free books!

I’ve been a member on LibraryThing since late 2010, and while I prefer to use GoodReads on a more regular basis for my annual reading challenge, adding books to my virtual shelf, discussing various authors and novels, etc., LibraryThing is my go-to place for one thing:

Winning free books.

This includes books from their Early Reviewers ‘club’ (managed by LibraryThing) as well as Member Giveaways (where individual members – including independent authors – list books they’re giving away). Giveaways include anything from ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) to novels that have already been published. The books can be either bound copies or digital.

I’ve had more luck at LibraryThing than at their ‘competitor’ site GoodReads (where I think I won two books total after entering countless giveaways). As of this date (December 2012), I’ve acquired 19 books from LibraryThing’s monthly Early Reviewers list. That’s almost one every month! I’ve also had great luck with their Member Giveaways, scoring 20 wins there.

Sure, there were some stinkers in the stack, but for the most part, I’ve enjoyed the books I won. And it’s been exciting to ‘discover’ a new author.

We all like free stuff, right? So if you’re really into trying to win free books, this is the place to go.

But there is a downside to the site. For me, the primary one – what keeps me away from their site as a daily/weekly user – is that they have a limit to how many books you can put in your shelf. If I recall correctly, it’s somewhere around 300; after that, they want you to pay for membership. This may be a non-issue for many people, but for those who like to accumulate tallies of books they’ve read, it can be a problem.

Still, it’s a great site for book lovers in general and I highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy giveaway contests.

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