Homeschooling and the “Socialization” non-issue

I refer to the oft-asked “Socialization” question in relation to homeschooling as a non-issue, because for those of us who have any real knowledge of this subject, it is, indeed, a non-issue.

However, for some annoying reason, the “Socialization” non-issue keeps coming up – most often by two groups:

1) homeschooling opponents (with no more ammo left in their argument), and

2) those who don’t seem to know much about homeschooling beyond what they’ve erroneously been led to believe by the former group (i.e., that there’s a big bad problem known as a lack of “Socialization” among homeschoolers, and this is supposedly the reason why all children should be thrust into the hostile territory known as the government education system).

For anyone interested in reading about the reality behind why the “Socialization” issue is a NON-issue, I found a blog that addresses this non-issue quite succinctly.


How to Answer the Socialization Question Once and for All

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