Gluten Free Recipes for Kids

Discover the tips, tricks and techniques used by real families to transition over to a Gluten Free diet, using this collection of over 100 tried and proven recipes that take the worry and stress out of feeding your whole family quickly, easily, and without any fuss!

  • How to create easy, quick gluten free meals for every occasion that your child will love to eat.
  • Create meals that the whole family will love.
  • The secret to getting your child to eat and enjoy eating gluten free is to cook one meal for the whole family.
  • Why so many fail to cater for a gluten free child successfully.  And what will encourage them to eat everything you bake for them, every time.
  • What ingredients are safe and what are not?  Where do you start?  What can we eat and what can’t we eat?  What ingredients are hidden dangers for gluten free kids?  Where do I look for gluten free ingredients.
  • The Ultimate quick and easy Guide to catering for gluten free kids…..even if you think you can’t cook or you think you have not got time to cook.
  • Cheat Sheets! –  Menu Planners to make your shopping and cooking a breeze.
  • ZERO Risk for You,  100% No Questions asked money back guarantee.
  • 5 Big Mistakes that cooks make when they are trying to cater for a child who can not eat gluten.
  • 7 tips on How to feed a gluten free child, no fuss, no worries, no stress!
  • PLUS – receive a new recipe every month!

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