Gluten Free Kids Chocolate Recipes

Including such delicious recipes as Chocolate Walnut Caramels, Chocolate Easter Eggs, Chocolate Ice-Cream Eggs, the Gluten Free Kids Chocolate Recipes book is sure to satisfy the chocolate love in all of us. In addition to recipes, this book covers such topics as:

  • An explanation of celiac disease and how common it is
  • The special problems parents of celiac children face and many tips on how to deal with issues that arise from fussy two year olds through to defiant teenagers.
  • Discover who is at risk of developing celiac disease and what are the symptoms
  • Treatments for celiac disease
  • Explanation about why these chocolate recipes are so good for celiacs
  • Why store bought chocolate isn’t optimal
  • Why choosing raw food can greatly benefit celiacs
  • Helpful chocolate making tips to ensure you get a perfect result every time

Also, four bonuses are included:

  1. 200 Delicious Fruit Smoothies
  2. Backyard Ideas for Fun and Frolic
  3. Confident kids
  4. Printer Friendly Version of “Gluten Free Kids Chocolate Recipes”

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