Affiliate Disclaimer

On occasion, I will promote, endorse, or suggest products and/or services for sale that are not my own.  My recommendations are always based on my personal conviction or belief that the product or service will provide a valid service or pertinent information.  This conclusion may be based on product reviews and/or my own personal/professional relationship (past or present) with the person or company – or that I have at one point used that product or service and was satisfied with the outcome.  In most cases, I will be compensated by that person/product/company if you decide to purchase the product/service based on my suggestion.

HOWEVER – and this is important – please, *please*, always do your OWN research before  making any purchases (no matter who is recommending it), and never succumb to purchasing anything you are unable to afford or that doesn’t provide a guarantee of satisfaction. And never buy into anything that promises results which seem too good to be true. Because they probably aren’t.

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