Suspect – by Michael Robotham (Joseph O’Loughlin #1)

Suspect is the second Michael Robotham book I’ve read (or, in this case, listened to) – the first one was an advance copy of The Wreckage, where the character of Joseph O’Loughlin played a minor part. It took me getting nearly halfway into Suspect to realize that the main character … Continue reading

Usher’s Passing – by Robert R. McCammon

Robert R. McCammon has got to be one of the greatest storytellers I’ve ever had the pleasure of being introduced to. The quality of his work never ceases to amaze me … the way he can just draw you right in and create such realistic characters and sweeping dramas that … Continue reading

Library Thing is the place to go for winning free books!

I’ve been a member on LibraryThing since late 2010, and while I prefer to use GoodReads on a more regular basis for my annual reading challenge, adding books to my virtual shelf, discussing various authors and novels, etc., LibraryThing is my go-to place for one thing: Winning free books. This includes … Continue reading